world teachers day 2021 theme

World Teachers Day 2021 Theme | Main Aim & Significance of Celebration

A theme of world teachers day 2021 is usually given to an event to convey a good message to everyone celebrating it and raise the value and importance of that event. We can also say it’s the motto given to those who are celebrating the events that it’s your mission for the future. Just like each year a theme is given to World Teachers Day. Each year it has a different theme of world teachers day 2021 with a new message. In 2020 World Teachers Day has the theme of “The Future of Profession“. This theme was to appreciate and encourage young teachers working worldwide who are the future of our education system. This theme was to convey the message to young teachers to give their best because they are building the modern generation.

Just like 2020, this year has a theme of its own. This year World Teachers Day 2021 has the theme of “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future”. It is obvious that this year proved very dramatic for all of us. COVID-19 had its effect all over the world not only it damaged every work but also had a very bad influence on the education system as well.

World Teachers Day 2021 Theme

That’s why 2021 has the theme of “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future” to acknowledge the appreciation of work done by teachers even in this drastic situation when COVID-19 took control all over the world. They tried their best to deliver education through online classes so that their students remain to attach to their studies and don’t face any loss because of the pandemic. This has meaning and message to show our great respect for the awesome work they are doing for us. Online study is very different from taking education in a proper class in a school, college, or university.

But our teachers are trying best to deliver proper concepts of their relevant subjects. They are giving online lectures, taking assignments, conducting viva, and also exams are held in online classes. It might look easy but it a lot to handle not only for teachers but also for the students as well. That’s why the purpose of this theme is to appreciate the effort by our honorable teachers for the sake of the future of their students. This theme also has a message to focus on our purpose and never give up in the hard conditions. The best way to deal with a hard time is to face it.

Effects of COVID-19

The work that our teacher is doing in COVID-19 is truly remarkable and there is no doubt that they deserve our best appreciation. So all of us should try to deliver huge respect to our teachers on this teacher’s day. Even it’s the current students or ex-students all should try to make this day special in their life. Try to make thank you videos for your teachers. Send cards and gifts to their houses. Teachers treat us like their own child so it is our duty to make them feel good for their unconditional love. Make sure to remember them in your prayers and make this day worth remembering for them.

world teachers day 2021 theme world teachers day 2021 theme world teachers day 2021 theme world teachers day 2021 theme world teachers day 2021 theme

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