World Teachers Day 2020 Theme Deped

Importance of World Teachers Day 2020 Theme DepEd to Honor Teachers

World Teachers Day 2020 DepEd (Department of Education) has the theme of “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future”. DepEd is the Department of Education of the Philippines government which makes sure in delivering the quality education in equity. It is located in the DepEd complex in Meralco Avenue, Pasig City. World teachers are celebrated on the 5th of October every year declared by UNESCO in 1994.

The mission of this day is to promote the value of and role of teachers in society. This also promotes the standards set for teachers to follow worldwide which includes their education, employment recruitment, rights, initial training, and further education of teachers.

This year proved very dramatic for people all around the world because of the drastic effects done by COVID-19. Every country has to do lockdown to contain its effect but still, the damage was huge. It led the world to the crisis. The motto of this theme “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future” is to appreciate the work teachers are doing in recent pandemic. Taking online classes and trying to deliver proper concepts is hard but they are trying their best that the future of every student is secured. The main idea is to make people understand the role of the teacher.

World Teachers Day 2020 Theme DepEd

From school to college and college to university we meet new teachers every time and all of them mold us to be a better person and inspiring us for our futures. Children carry that thing that is taught to them at a young throughout their life and there is no doubt they are the future of every nation. They are the future leaders, doctors, engineers and influencers, etc. But all of them need someone to guide them to reach that stage of life. They can fulfill the lack of a student and lead them to success.

Teachers have the power to change the world because their opinion and ideas matter it affects the minds of students who are the future of every nation. They help us figure out the true talent hidden in us and how to use that talent. There is always one teacher in everyone’s life that has the most impact in their lives and the student always looks up to them and inspire them. Great teachers can make great students and great students can make a great future not only for themselves but for everyone around them.

Theme of Teachers day

World Teacher Day 2020 cannot be organized publically because of the recent pandemic yet what we can do is celebrate it online and wish our teachers virtually. Current students and former students can send online wishes to their teachers. We can make a thank you video for their excellent efforts in our life which is surely going to be a perfect thank you on this World Teachers Day 2020. You can also be sent digital gift cards to them or draw a painting of them if you are good at painting. If you are better in editing make sure you send a slideshow for them. You can also post these things on your social media accounts and tag your teachers. It will be a wonderful surprise for them.



World Teachers Day 2020 Theme Deped World Teachers Day 2020 Theme Deped World Teachers Day 2020 Theme Deped World Teachers Day 2020 Theme Deped World Teachers Day 2020 Theme Deped World Teachers Day 2020 Theme Deped

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