world teachers day australia 2021

World Teachers Day Australia 2021 | Is Teachers Day Different From World

World teachers day 2021 will celebrate on 5th October each year but World Teachers Day 2020 in Australia is celebrated on the last Friday of October. UNESCO established 5th October as World Teachers day in 1994 which reminds the recommendation concerning about status of teachers in the world. This recommendation was made to address the role and status of teachers around the world. It was also to set the standards for a teacher their employment, recruitment, initial training, and continuing further education of them and their rights.

The reason World Teachers Day 2021 in Australia is celebrated last Friday because schools are closed at that time because of holidays. Teacher’s day is celebrated for showing our respect and appreciation for their services in the field of education. It’s the day when we all thanks to our teacher for their outstanding efforts to making and telling us to live a better life. They are the persons who have a deep effect on our lives more than anyone in this world. They teach us step by step until we become a better version of ourselves.

World Teachers Day Australia 2021

Moreover, They show us what we are capable of and what our true talent is. And how to put that talent of our in work and use it in the best possible way. After our parents, they are the ones who treat us like their own child. They not only educate our minds but also make us better people both spiritually and morally. We are living in a well-mannered and advanced world all thanks go to them. We are nothing but living dead if we don’t have any knowledge. They fill our souls with knowledge and give meaning to our lives. We can see the world with a better perspective and we can not only change our lives. It also helps others to make their lives better.

This Year was set back in everyone’s life all over the world because of COVID-19. Many of us lost or loved ones in a fight with Corona and every affected country had a lockdown. But teachers were still working in this pandemic taking online classes and staying connected to their students. That’s why this teacher’s day has the theme of “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future”. Teachers are still trying their best because students are the future of a country. They don’t risk COVID-19 get in the way of their future.

COVID 19 Effects

Since they are still working for the future so it’s our duty to appreciate their efforts in this global pandemic. We cannot celebrate publically the event but we can do it online. So make sure the students and former students and those whose children are getting an education to make this day worth remembering for their excellent efforts. We can wish them virtually by sending messages, making an awesome video worth remembering for them. You can also thank them by sending an E-Card for them. In which you can write how grateful you are to them and also tell them about the amazing they had on your life.

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