world braille day 2022

When Is World Braille Day 2022 | Who Is Louis Braille? | Theme of Day

What is world braille day 2022? What do you mean by braille? What’s the reason for the celebration of this day? What’s the significance of the celebration of braille day? This type of question may arise in your mind regards World braille day. World Braille day is celebrated every January 4th. Just like the other festivals and days, this day also has a history and a legend behind it. This day is celebrated to give awareness about the freedom of expression and the hard work performed by the history writer “Louis Braille”

world braille day 2022

What is World Braille Day 2022?

In 2019, the united nation and some other world organizations passed an act and selected the day of 4th January as world braille day because it is the birthday of Louis braille. Braille was the first person who introduced the tactile representation of alphabetic and numerical symbols by using six dots. These six dots are used to represent each letter and number, and musical, mathematical, and scientific symbols. Braille is used to teaching blind and partially sighted people to read books.

world braille day 2022

Who was Louis Braille?

Louis Braille was born on 4th January 1809 in the village of France. He wasn’t blind by birth. One day, he went with his father to help him out. He was hitting a nail with a hammer. Unfortunately, that nail flew into his own eye, when he hit that nail with the help of a hammer. He was three years old when he lost his slightness. After that Louis braille started to live alone because he was unable to play with other children. Some people took pity on him, but he didn’t like this so.

world braille day 2022

One day, someone suggested his father put him in the school, which is made for blind children in Paris, so, that he may know to survive for his life. At the age of 10 years, he went to school. He started learning from special books. Those books were made up of cardboard instead of simple paper. He started studying with interest and learned everything from the core of his heart. Along with studies, some other professions like stitching clothes.

Braille was intelligent and hardworking. At that time, the new method was also discovered for blind students. Louis braille was determined and inspired by the work of Charles Barbier’s night reading system. But that was very difficult and hard for students. Louis worked very hard in the day and even at night apart from the other students.

world braille day 2022

In 1824, at the age of 15 years, Braille succeeds in making a new and easier technique for blind people to learn and study. However, his way was simple but was exceptional. The method introduced by Louis braille is now known as “braille” all across the world.

He died in 1852 from the disease of tuberculosis, in Paris.

Significance of World Braille Day

World braille day 2022 is well-known because of the importance of braille as a means of communication for blind and visually impaired people. This day is celebrated for the awareness of braille’s work. Moreover, we celebrate this day to know the problems faced by the blind and impaired people. Nut, it is a sad reality because many restaurants and banks aren’t equipped with braille menus and bills. In addition to this, we celebrate this day to appreciates blind people and tell other people how much difficulty blind people face in their life.

It is important for children to celebrate the world braille system because it signifies inclusion and diversity. It may help out the children to become aware of the unique and amazing techniques made for impaired and blind people. Furthermore, it helps them in gaining general knowledge about different people. This is also a good way to develop a thought of raising money for charity.

What should we do on world braille day?

  1. We should tell children about the hard work of Louis braille.
  2. Add a worksheet of this day.
  3. Give them awareness about his life from his childhood till his death.
  4. Motivate your children and give inspiration from his life
  5. Tell them about the inequality of reality.
  6. Moreover, this helpful general knowledge will help them in their life too.

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