When is world teachers day 2021

When is World Teachers Day 2021 | Importance of Teachers Day in Society

When is world teachers day 2021 is a big query in the minds of a lot of people? We want to say you that world teacher’s day 2021 has a fixed date due to the grand history by UNESCO. Now we come to know that this day is always celebrated at a fixed date of 5th of October every year. In 2021, it will be going to celebrate on the same date. The history of the teacher’s day is also discussed in our further posts.

World Teachers Day was declared by UNESCO in 1994 to be held on the 5th of October each year. This recommendation’s main aim is to make a standard for the teachers regarding education policy, initial education, and further training and education of teachers recruitment, employment, and right. World Teachers’ Day main mission is to appreciate and improve the standards of teaching all around the world. This day is also to raise the voice of teachers around the world.


UNESCO and Educational International runs a campaign each year to help everyone understand the role they play in the development of a nation. The goal of the campaign is to empower the teachers all around the world and give people a better understanding of their role. Every year has a theme of its own with a new motto and a new message for everyone. Last year World Teacher’s Day had the theme “The Future of Profession”. It had a message for young teachers around the world. They are the future of teaching and it also meant to encourage young teachers. It was also meant to promote teaching as a profession for the younger generation.

When is World Teachers Day 2021

World Teachers Day 2021 also has a theme of its own which is “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future”. As we all know this year COVID-19 put serious damage to almost every nation in the world. Every country got under full lockdown to make sure we can lessen the damages of COVID-19. But at the same time teachers were also trying their best to make sure the future of their students remain safe. They tried to fill the gap in their education by online classes. This theme surely matches the current situation because all over the world teachers. They were also fighting for the future of the nation. They also tried to make sure to give keep their minds of students connected to education.

World Teachers Day is celebrated worldwide by schools, colleges, universities, and various organizations. UNESCO also organize events to spread awareness about the role of teacher and appreciate their efforts in the world. Teachers are role models for everyone most of the students inspire from their teachers. When is world teachers day 2021 is a viral query? The reason is that there is a difference between the world teachers day and national teachers day? Moreover, Teachers treat their students like their own child and always seek the best for them and try to give them the best. Teachers are the ones who can mold the minds of the students to make a well-educated person out of them.


As we know the teachers’ day is celebrated in the world in school, college and universities what we can do to make their day special is by making a small drama act a stage performance, we also can sing for them, and make a thank you speech for all the teachers. We can decorate our classrooms and surprise our teachers. We can get a cake for them and give them gift cards and also give them a gift which can suit their personality.


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