teachers day speech 2020

Short Samples of Teachers Day Speech 2020 to Honor Teachers

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Teachers Day Speech 2020

Respected Principal, Teachers, and dear student’s good morning. As we all know that we have gathered here to appreciate all the hard work of our teachers and to respect them for their contribution throughout the world.

Educate people is the most honorable job in the whole world that our teachers do. We all are well aware that teachers have been there since the ancestral. In old times there were madrasas where people send their kids to learn from their teachers. Madrasas were also the place of worship and prayers so that students could also stay intact with their religion. Some students also live there for years until they finish their education and then they came back home. They were also allowed to meet their family Twice a year. But till then their teachers were their family in madrasas.

We are also aware that in the past there were very less education institutes, but as time had passed our education system had been upgraded. Now our teachers are much more qualified and also, we have a lot of educational institutes, schools, colleges, universities in the whole country. Teaching is the purest profession and one of the biggest acts of hope because it is the only profession that makes all the other professions. Some of the great teachers like Dr. Abdul Kalam, Michael Pollan, Frank McCourt, etc. are the biggest examples of the great teachers of history and an inspiration to all of us.

World Teachers Day 2020

Teacher’s day is celebrated on October, 5 throughout the world in the respect of all the teachers since the year 1994. On this day we give gifts to our beloved teachers and show them respect by arranging small parties or gathering in the school. Well as compared to India they celebrate their teacher’s day on 5th September on the birth anniversary of Dr. S Radhakrishna. He was a philosopher and an educationist.

Everyone and anyone could lean to get an education but our teachers are the ones who show us the right path tell us how to do things solve questions and also encourages us to ask as many questions. Education is the birthright of every person and our teachers help us to get an education. We also know that first learning always starts at home. Learning from our mistakes is part of our life that’s why we also say that life is also your biggest teacher.

Teachers as Diamond Maker

Our teachers are the gem whose worth can’t be calculated. They help us with learning things. They help us on how to survive. Moreover, They are like the farmers who take care of us like their crops so that we can grow faster and distribute their knowledge among others. I am really honored by being taught by these wonderful and outstanding teachers who have taught me everything and helped me to transform myself into the better person who I am now. They have helped me in my every problem so that I could become a good person.

I would like to wish Happy Teachers Day to all my teachers on the behalf of all the students. We are privileged to be educated by you. You showed us the right path in every personal or academic problem. We are proud to say that you are our teachers and we also promise you that we will always make you proud wherever we will be in the future.

We always pray for your good health and your family.

Thank you


teachers day speech 2020 teachers day speech 2020 teachers day speech 2020 teachers day speech 2020 teachers day speech 2020

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