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Make WhatsApp stickers stronger
Browse and save stickers from your WhatsApp chats (requires storage permission to access stickers from WhatsApp directory)
– Create your own stickers with cool stickers, emojis, text effects and more

Creating your own stickers is easy with our static studio – select an image, add embellishments or text, save and add to WhatsApp.

Key Features of WhatsApp Sticker Creator
Organize WhatsApp Stickers
🎥 Create animated WhatsApp stickers from GIF and video
Erase image background by manual cropping and erase background
Text Add text to custom stickers and colors
Funny decorations like beards, glasses, hats and more
Make any number of chewing gum packets. Up to 30 gummies in a carton
Easy to use poster editing app with photo editor
Having fun with your friends making sticky knives

How to use the sticker in WhatsApp |
1. Use the Create New button and select a photo from Camera, Gallery or Files (Camera and Photo Storage Rights Required)
Once you have selected an image, you can crop, rotate or rotate it if necessary. Use a square piece and outline the whole picture if necessary. Click Crop when done
3. To erase the background of the image, click Eraser. Touch and move the bar as needed, then click Save
4. Use the move tool to move or change the image
5. To add funny items like glasses, beards and hats, click on decorations
Use the text option to write anything on the sticker. Change the font or color to make it look good
7. Add Emoji to Sticker from Emoji page
8. With the Brush tool you can draw anything on the sticker
9. Use the Undo or Repeat buttons if you make mistakes
10. Click “Save” when the design is complete
11. Click the + button to add more glue to the glue pack. Choose a name for your package and click Save
12. Add this custom sticker to WhatsApp by the Add to WhatsApp button.

Remove ads by selecting Premium
To remove all ads from the application and developer support, click the Crown or Remove Ads icon in the menu and select Get Premium.

Create stickers for WhatsApp
Stickify Maker integrates with WhatsApp and can add your own stickers to the WhatsApp sticker section. Create your own WhatsApp sticker collection today with the WhatsApp sticker editor. You can also share the complete package of WhatsApp stickers with your friends by using the Share icon. Powered by WAStickerApps.

Celebrate every occasion with Stickify Creator
Work with every emotion, event and language:
– Happy birthday and souvenir stickers
– Sticker with personal text and font
– Brazilian sticker with Portuguese text
Custom Indonesian Adhesives
– Malayalam and Indian chewing gum
– Favorite dialogs and stickers
– Animated Stickers for WhatsApp
– You can organize the WhatsApp stickers you received in the package

Note: The content created by users using this application is stored on their phones, and Stickify may not view, manage or delete it. Users are responsible for the content they create.
Disclaimer: This application is in no way used with WhatsApp Inc. Unaffiliated, developed and maintained by a third party.
DMCA Policy: Visit to view the DMCA policy or submit a notice.
Support: If you have any issues, please email us at

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