presidents day 2021

Happy Presidents Day 2021 and Washingtons Birthday Holidays in USA

February 15th, 2021 is set as Presidents day 2021 all over the world. This day is also appointed as the federal holiday all over the USA. This day will go to be held on the third Monday in February. There will be a holiday on Monday on President’s Day. President day is a federal holiday in America. Just like every occasion has its own history. Presidents day also has quite a reason behind it. Moreover, the President’s day basically became a national holiday back in 1879. Well, big thanks to President Rutherford B. Hayes for the national holiday and for all of the big sales. So, President Rutherford wanted the birthday of President George Washington (the first president of America) to be a memorable day.

Presidents Day 2021

Furthermore, President Rutherford declared a federal holiday on the day of Feb 22 and called it the president’s day. Some people often called it “Washington’s birthday” rather than “The President’s day”. Everything about the President’s day was quite simple and clear till 1968. When some people tried to change the date of President’s day 2021 to the third Monday of February. Many efforts, they didn’t succeed at their first attempt. But three years later, in 1971, President Richard M. Nixon got agreed with the idea and the President’s day got replaced with the third Monday of February.

States like Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, New Mexico, Delaware, Wisconsin, Rhode Island l, Lowa, Kansas, and Louisiana bias the President’s day. But the other states celebrate President’s day on the third Monday of Feb every year.

Some people believe that President’s day is all about the birthday of George Washington, Some people celebrate it in the memory of Abraham Lincoln for he was also born in the month of February. While others observe President’s day in the honor of all of the Presidents of The United States of America.

History of the President’s day

The President’s day 2021 holiday can be a great opportunity for kids to learn more about their presidents. Parents can acknowledge their kids about their presidents. There are many interesting ways to celebrate President’s day. Let me tell you my story, how I celebrated President’s day with my kids last year. I felt like I was not giving my kids quality time because of our hectic routine. So, I made up a plan and for the President’s day holiday. We went to the nearby store and brought home a lot of fun stuff like colors, posters, coloring pages, markers, etc.

My kids were super excited as I was giving them permission to do whatever they want after quite a time. I was also completely involved with my children and it came out as a very good experience as I recognized that my 7 years old son has an impressive drawing skill and I was surprised when I came to know that my 5 years old daughter had more knowledge about the presidents than a 17 years old young fellow. Long story short, it was the best experience of my life, knowing more about my kids. One should also try to make some arrangements. Buy some cool stuff like coloring pages or you can also arrange a kid’s party for occasions like The President’s day and can make it a worthy day.


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