merry christmas poems 2020 for kids
Merry Christmas

Funny Covid Merry Christmas Poems 2020 for Kids & Students

Express and share love and fun with you in a beautiful rhythm with these merry Christmas poems 2020 for kids. Some sweet and soul-touching words arranged in the poems are available on this page. We are giving some names of Christmas poems: these are the short poems and you can also sing them too. You can also wish your friends by singing a poem. If you want something unique then you can also take an idea from personal experience, which I’m going to share with you.

Last year, I arranged a Christmas party and invited my all friends to the party. A day before Christmas, I had cleaned all my house and decorate it with Christmas lights, a Christmas tree, and used Christmas wishing banners in the main entrance. After that, I arranged five big tables and almost thirty chairs in a very decent way. After that behind the back of every chair, I set a table banner of small size. That banners vary after every five chairs. I also cooked delicious food and dessert for dinner.


Merry Christmas Poems 2020

In the evening, at almost 7:00 pm, my all friends arrived and the party begins.  And when they entered the party hall, I and my children welcomed them with open arms. My children welcomed the guests by singing the poems and give them rose as a gift. After that, we played music and enjoy ourselves there. After, we all eat dinner and exchange gifts. We played many games and celebrated Christmas with pomp and joy.

If you like this, then you can also get the idea of decoration, arrangement, and the celebration of Christmas.

For adults

  • My Christmas gift to you _( by Kelly roper)
  • Santa haiku_(by Kelly roper)
  • You are in my heart_(by Kelly roper)
  • The nicest present_(by Joanna and Karl Fuchs)
  • When Santa Claus comes_(Eugene field)
  • there’s more to Christmas_( Eugene field)
  • a Christmas song_(Edna Greene Hines)

For kids

  • Writing a letter to Santa_(by Kelly roper)
  • The temping Christmas cookies_(by Kelly roper)
  • Let’s decorate the Christmas tree_(by Kelly roper)
  • Season of peace_(by Kelly roper)

You can also gather your friends and can sing together these poems in a matching rhythm.

merry christmas poems 2020 for kids merry christmas poems 2020 for kids

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