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Merry Christmas

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Hi guys! We have a collection of the best, simple, and easy merry Christmas cards for 2020 for kids as well as for adults along with the steps. You can select any one of them and can make it for your near and dear ones. We will also provide the method of making online Christmas greeting cards. We all are anxiously waiting for Christmas Eve and want to share love, happiness, and laughter.

Let’s celebrate this Christmas with pomp, joy, creativity, and fun. Are you ready to explore the world of imagination and creativity? Come on! Let’s have a look at the following fabulous, cute, and attractive cards for Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas Cards 2020

If you want to make a pink-colored cute girly card for your girlfriend on the Christmas, then follow the listed steps:

  • Firstly, take a computer sheet of almost 15 to 20 cm. fold it very neatly from the center.
  • Secondly, take light pink, light purple, baby pink-colored paper strips 15cm long and 4cm wide.
  • Take strip any one color. Make it short strips leaving a 1.5cm distance (Uncut).
  • Do it for all strips.
  • Now paste them in a horizontal way on the card. From left to right, leaving the cuter part free in the air.
  • Now the top is left. Take any ribbon. Make a bow of it. And place it on the left corner of the card.
  • If you have beads or stone of different colors, then paste them on the three strips in a line.
  • On the top, with the bow, you can write happy Christmas and Merry Christmas 2020.
  • Now, your pink colored card is ready. It is a very simple way to make a card. You can write anything inside the card. But I suggest you to write short cute Christmas wishing and greetings.
  • Don’t forget to write your name on the back of the card.
  • You can make this card with different colors too.

Awesome Christmas greeting popup card:

Are you wanted to surprise your friends with your creativity? It yes, then make this pop-up card which can amaze your friends.

Merry Christmas Cards

One green sheet, one brown paper sheet, two blue paper sheet, one white paper sheet, glue stick, pencil, markers, and star-shaped beads.

  • Take a white sheet and fold it into two equal halves.
  • Now take another sheet of blue paper. Fold it in the same way. Now from the center, of the folded side mark three points after equal distance.
  • Stretch that one point to the left side.
  • Do it all for the same.
  • Now double up these three lines with 1cm distance apart.
  • Now cut these lines. Make sure don’t cut those stretched lines more than three 3cm. you can change the distance of all the lines.
  • You can also take 1cm for the first line, 2cm for the second, and 3cm for the last one.
  • Now, fold that cut part inside the sheet.
  • Except that cut strips, paste your card directly on the white paper sheet. Make sure, both have equal length and width.
  • Now you can see something like pop up.
  • Now do the third part of the card,
  • Make Christmas trees with the green sheet.
  • If you don’t know how to make trees, then make triangles from smaller to bigger from top to bottom. Remove the central area of the triangle. And cut it down.
  • Now make the stem of the trees with brown color.
  • Now paste both parts of the trees and shape it like a tree. You can make tall, short, and normal Christmas tree.
  • Pater these trees on the strips which you had made first to have a pop-up.
  • Now make two snowmen. Use red in the scarf and nose. You can use the color of your own choice.
  • Paste the star-shaped beads randomly inside the card.
  • Your card is ready. You can write beautiful Christmas sayings in it.
  • You can use different colored markers in writing the merry Christmas.


What to write in Christmas greeting card:

After making the card the question arises that what you have to write in it. You have to write a few lines on the front side of the card. First, write

  1. Merry Christmas 2020
  2. wishing you the best merry Christmas
  3. happy Christmas
  4. Wish you a lovely Christmas.
  5. Have a holly, jolly Christmas

Hope you like our article. If you want to ask anything regarding this, you can ask it in the comment section. Thank you for reading!

merry christmas cards 2020 merry christmas cards 2020 merry christmas cards 2020

merry christmas cards 2020 merry christmas cards 2020

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