international youth day 2021
Youth Day

International Youth Day 2021 Purpose & Awareness | United Nations

The main motive or theme of international youth day 2021 is to regenerate the youth and redirect them in a proper way. They must work in the country affairs so that the country may progress by leaps and bounds. The engagement of the young people in the country affairs, local affairs, national as well as international affairs.

International youth day 2021 is celebrated all over the world to highlight the issues of youth (age from 13 years old to 15 years old) at local, national, and international levels. This day is celebrated on August 12, annually. This day is observed by 18 youth day 2021international youth day 2021international youth day 2021

international youth day 2021international youth day 2021

International Youth Day 2021

This day is celebrated to draw the attention of the government over the issues of youth regarding their studies and job opportunities. These young men and women are the future of every country. So their legal issues listen globally. Moreover, the issues like more schooling, education, social justice are resolved. A conference held in the United Nations to discuss these issues. They focus on the different legal problems in order to make our nation youth day 2021

What happened on youth day 2021? And what do people do on youth day?

The theme for the youth day is different every year. For example:

Timeline for International Youth Day 2021

  • In 2021, the theme for the celebration of youth day will be “youth engagement for global action”.
  • In 2017, this day is dedicated to celebrate and honor young people’s contributions to social justice and peace.
  • Also, in 2016, the topic was “ space-saving for youth”
  • In 2013, the theme was” you think”. This is like an award ceremony. In which many motivational speakers had encouraged the confidence of the new generation.
  • In 2019, the theme was “transforming education”.
  • On the youth day of 1925, the issue of the negative effect of clubs and bars.
  • In 1965, the United Nations first time discussed mental health, sustainable peace, and mutual respect, and understanding was youth day 2021

You can also be part of the youth day 2021. You can also organize or arrange your event in your own school, college, or any learning place. So, you can discuss the literary rate of your country, city, or town. You can promote the development of youth through the awareness to other people about education.



The date of international youth day was decided by the United Nations on December 17th in 1999 with the adaptation of resolution 54/120.

Date and time for International Youth Day 2021

                            DATE                   YEAR          WEEK DAY
        12 AUGUST                 2020                  WEDNESDAY
        12 AUGUST                2021                 THURSDAY
      12 AUGUST                 2022                    FRIDAY
       12 AUGUST                  2023                     SATURDAY
         12 AUGUST                   2024                   MONDAY
       1 2 AUGUST                 2025                   TUESDAY

Public holiday:

International youth day 2021 is not a public holiday. The things go in their routine wok. But local and national conferences will be held all over the world.



international youth day 2021 international youth day 2021 international youth day 2021 international youth day 2021 international youth day 2021

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