Imagitor – Urdu Design Apk

Imagtor is a free graphic design application for creating posts, presentations, posters, flyers and other content on social media.

Get more creative and let your imagination design your next Facebook post, business card, event flyer, inspirational quote, fan poster or review of Imagtor policies.

* Urdu text in pictures.
* Arabic text in the picture.
* Persian text in the picture.
* Online models to be easily designed.
* Choose from unique text colors and styles.
* Rotate the text to make the text drunk. text bracket.
* Text styles, strokes, shadows, borders and backgrounds.
* Upload text to create a perfect business logo.
* Manage, move, hide and lock layers.
* Large collection of letters in Urdu, Arabic and Farsi.
* Gradients, select from presets and create your own.
* Create a logo for your business.
* Collection of logo templates in Urdu.
* Graphic Collections: Add stickers and shapes to express yourself.
* Add background colors and gradients to your posts.
* Multiple languages: Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Hindi, English and many more.
* Create post in Urdu
* Creator of Arabic mail
* Persian postman

Imagtor is multi-purpose, you can design anything you want for free.

Important: Original keyboards for Urdu, Arabic, Farsi and Not required.


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