How to Read Eid Al Adha Prayer 2021

How to Read Eid Al Adha Prayer 2021 | Eid Prayer Time in Islamic States

The best way to offer/read eid al adha 2021 prayer and read out the prayer method to offer the prayer so your confusion related to how to read eid prayer 2021 has been cleared. Eid Mubarak guides 2021, the preparation of Eid prayer, the guidance of performing Eid prayer, and the distribution of meat: are very popular questions asked by the many people. As Eid al Adha comes once a year, so many people get confused about the Eid prayer and the distribution of meat (Qurbani). here, we have collected complete guidance about Eid prayer, according to Quran and Sunnah.

How to perform or offer Eid prayer

Eid prayer is the most necessary and important part of Eid al Adha. Congregational prayer makes the festival of Eid more special.

Generally, we offer Eid prayer by following imam who is standing at the front. Eid prayer consists of two units (which are also known as Rakat in Arabic) with six takbeers. The number of Takbeer makes Eid prayer different from the other prayers.

For your facility, we have given all guidance in steps for you people.

How to Read Eid Al Adha Prayer 2021

First Rakat:

Step 1:

First of all, make the niyyah of doing two Rakat with six additional takbeers. Make intention by saying:

“I intend to do two Rakat behind the Imam for Eid prayer along with six additional takbirs. “

Step 2:

After the imam has said “Allaahu Akbar” the first time .follow the imam and also raise your hands. This is known as the first Takbeer. This is the first Takbeer to enter in the salat.

Step 3:

Similarly, lift your hands up, near to your ears, and say “Allaahu Akbar”. You must have to follow your imam. After saying ‘Allaahu Akbar”, put your hands down. This step of Takbeer is repeated thrice in the same time.

Step 4:

After reciting three takbeers, the imam will begin to recite the holy this time; you should fold your hands on your chest. Keep in mind that the right hand will be on the top.

Step 5:

After clasping your hand, listen to the imam very quietly. Here imam will recite surah” Fatiha” and one more surah. When imam will complete his both surah’s, then say “amen “ in a low voice.

Step 6:


When imam says “Allaahu Akbar”, go into the Ruku. (You have to bow and hold your knees) in bowing position, you have to say: “subahaana Rabbiyal Azeem”

Step 7:

Stand up when imam says “Sammi Allaahu Liman Hamidah” which means Allah hears those who praise him and you have to sat “Rabbana Lakal hamd”. It means our lord praise be to you.

Step 8:

Go into the first sujud when imam says “Allaahu Akbar’.

Step 9:

Sit in the jalsa position, after first sujud.

Step 10:

Now go into the second sujud. In sujud you have to say: “subahaana Rabbiyal AA”la”.

Second Rakat

Step 11:

Stand up for the second Rakat. In the second Rakat, imam will first recite surah Fatiha and then any other surah.

Step 12:

Follow he imam and say” Allaahu akbar” with him and raise your hand up. This is Takbeer. Before going to Ruku, there will be three Takbeer.

Step 13:

Go into the Ruku. Repeat the following verses.

Step 14:

Stand up when imam says: “Sammi Allaahu Liman Hamidah” and you have to say ‘Rabbana Lakal hamd”.

Step 15:

Do into two sujud. You will do two prostrations.

Step 16:

After this, you sit for tashahud.

Step 17:

End up your prayer by turning your face first right and then left. You have to say:” Assalamu alaikum WA rahmatullah”

Step 18:

Also listen to imam when he give his short khutbah .you have to listen this speech quietly and carefully.


Don’t make your own movements or don’t perform your own steps.

You must have to follow the imam.

Preparations for Eid prayer:

  • Get up early in the morning and take a bath.
  • Clean your teeth with miswak.
  • Wear the best outfits.
  • Don’t eat anything before going to the mosque.
  • Use a different paths while going to the mosque and returning to home.
  • Exchange wishes and greeting with each other.

How can we offer/read Eid al Adha prayer 2021 at home?

Yes, Eid prayer can be offered at home. Females can offer Eid prayer at home as well. Other females can also join them if there are no other males. You can make groups and follow the above-mentioned steps. You can also offer Eid prayer at home individually.

Timings and other facts about Eid al Adha:

  • You can offer Eid prayer when the sun reaches approximately three meters above the horizon until it reaches its meridian.
  • This Eid usually lasts for three days. So you can slaughter your animals within these three days.
  • Meat should be distributed with the special rules of distribution.
  • It is a tradition to wear neat and fine is better to wear simple but clean clothes during Eid.
  • Never slaughter any animal before offering Eid prayer.

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Eid Mubarak to you all! Wishing you the best for Eid al Adha

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