how to celebrate independence day in pakistan 2020

How to Celebrate Independence Day in Pakistan 2020 | When is 14 August

You can see how to Celebrate Independence Day in Pakistan 2020 in different areas, provinces, and cities as well as in local areas. 14 August is celebrated as Independence Day in Pakistan. This day commemorates the tireless struggle and heartbreaking sacrifices of people and our forefathers.  The celebration of this day promotes patriotism and national unity. People all over Pakistan celebrate this day energetically and wholeheartedly.

You can also celebrate this 14 august 2020 with zeal. You can take ideas from our websites. It’s you like to travel, then don’t wait. Read the following celebration of 14 august in different areas of Pakistan and pack your bags. You will feel proud to be a Pakistani when you will see the celebrations and importance of this day.

Is 14 august a public holiday?

Yes, 14 august is a national holiday. All the business centers, offices, markets, shops, and educational institutes such as schools, academies, colleges, and universities will remain closed on 14 August.

Celebration of 14 august in Pakistan at national level

Many eventers are held in bigger and smaller countries. Cultural shows, parades, fireworks, and national air shows are held in different areas of Pakistan. There are 3 main events which are celebrated at the national level. You can also go to those places and enjoy them.

Parades in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, where the main event of Pakistan is celebrated. Near Shakar Parian hills in zero points, the show starts at 10:00 am. The prime minister of Pakistan also attends this ceremony as the chief minister. The cabinet ministers, military chief of army staff, air force chief of the staff, the naval chief of the staff, and chairman joint staff joint this as public. Sometimes, the foreign army also comes and attends the ceremony.

How to Celebrate Independence Day in Pakistan 2020

All the naval, air force, and military perfume parades. The brave air force of Pakistan shows different air stunts. The fighter planes to the highest feet and shows their love for the country. The brave skydivers also perform different stunts in the air. All this ceremony is broadcast by the media’s lives.

In addition, the provincial culture of Pakistan is also presented by the people, who are dressed up by their own province culture. The girls also participate in this parade and show. After that, the medals and awards are given to those people who had worked hard for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.

Prayer on Quaid-e-Azam Tomb

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the founder of Pakistan. Under his leadership, Pakistan came into being on 14th august 1947. So parades are also performed there. The soldiers standing for the protection exchange their duty in a unique manner. In addition to this, the prime minister of Pakistan prays for Pakistan and its national leader. This started with the holy verses of Quran Pak.  All the soldiers and main guest prays for the progress and dignity of our dear homeland “Pakistan”.

Many people visit on 14 august and pray for the prosperity of Pakistan and tribute to our leader. You can also go there and enjoy this 14 august with love and patriotism. You can travel to Karachi and visit historical places.

Celebration of 14 august by lovely and caring people of Pakistan

Every single resident of Pakistan feels proud to be a Pakistani. He celebrates this day with patriotism, love, and enthusiasm.

Decoration of inspired national flags

You can see big prominent green and white flags on the top of every house. People also decorate their houses with small pallets. They also light up their houses with green and white. In the month of August, the night seems like a day. The lights look very beautiful at night.

You can also decorate your house with different lights. If you don’t have enough money to buy new lights, then don’t worry. You can buy lights on rent. Moreover, You can give some money to the shopkeeper and you will keep the lights for 10 to fifteen days, according to your money. You can a Pakistani flag with those lights, which shows your love for your country. now you will get the answer of the question How to Celebrate Independence Day in Pakistan 2020.

Street rally’s on 14 august

Pakistani living in different areas gathers in the main area of the city in which they live. After that, in the evening they carry their own vehicles like motorbikes, cars, vans, and auto-rickshaws. They decorate their vehicles with beautiful lights, Colors posters, and inspired Pakistani flag one or two days before Independence Day.

Green and white outfits

You can also see Pakistani girls wearing green and white outfits. They look very pretty and awesome in these patriotic clothes. They also use green and white nail polish and wear bangles. Not only girls but men, women, and children wear green and white clothes. Boys wear white shalwar kameez with a green scarf.

Exchanges gifts and wishes

There is a huge gathering of friends and family on the day of independence. They arrange barbeque parties and decorate their houses. They exchange gifts and wishes. Furthermore, They send motivational quotes, inspirational messages, patriotic poetry, and photos to each other. They also change their DP of Whatsapp and Facebook in order to show love for our country.

Mau all the souls of our leaders rest in heaven and our country progresses by leaps and bounds. And our nation lives with peace, unity, and discipline.  If any enemy even thought to attack our country, we will defend our country to the last drop of our blood. God bless you all! we hope so that you confusion related to How to Celebrate Independence Day in Pakistan 2020 has been cleared.

Happy Independence Day to my entire brother!



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