happy fathers day drawings 2020

Step by Step Happy Fathers Day Drawings 2021 Images With Easy Ideas

Are you guys waiting for new ideas about happy fathers day drawings from daughter and son 2021? Now you may come to know about the nice steps of drawing beautiful images as well as designs. This year father day is observed on 20th June. As we know the father is the best protector of his family especially for his daughters. He is also the most caring personality and the best shoulder to cry. The relationship between father and daughter is very strong and one can explain it into words.

Dad is that important member who thought you so much about the reality of life without any greed. He just wants to make you a real and wise man. But it requires so much effort. He appreciates you, cares about you, protects you, and doesn’t let you down even when you grow up. As a daughter, there is so much to appreciate about your fathers’ effort and everything he’s taught you over the years.

Happy Fathers Day 2021 Drawings

It is meant to give a gift to your father. You will always be the father’s little girl. No matter what is your age? And it also doesn’t matter you are married or not. There are many ways to wish your father such as sending him a message or an inspirational quote. Wishing through sending gifs and sending emojis are not bad ideas. But all of you don’t have android cell phones or you are not enough grown-up to use them. It may not seem silly to say that you are kids and also want some fun. No matter if you are not a child and want to draw something for your father. It’s a good idea. You can express your feeling through different drawings.

happy fathers day drawings 2021happy fathers day drawings 2021happy fathers day drawings 2021happy fathers day drawings 2021happy fathers day drawings 2021

Step by Step Fathers day 2021 drawings Ideas

For your facility, we have provided some father day drawing in steps. I’m sure that after reading these steps of drawing you will be able to draw your lovely dad drawings. Some names of drawings are given below (especially for father’s day):

  1. My hand in my dad’s hand forever.
  2. So, My dad kissing me when I was a kid
  3. My dad lifted me up
  4. My father is standing with me in every trouble
  5. Dad wishing hug
  6. The little girl is laughing, seeing that dad becomes a kid with me.
  7. Dad playing with me.

You can take ideas from the above list. Furthermore, You can make drawings by using marker colors, oil paints, poster color, color pencils, watercolors, and crayons. This makes your drawing more beautiful and attractive. We have a collection of drawing on this post. A collection of unique and awesome drawing is available. You can also see them. You can try them. Take the help of any other sibling.

happy fathers day drawings 2021happy fathers day drawings 2021happy fathers day drawings 2021happy fathers day drawings 2021

You can also take ideas from our drawing given in this page.

Fathers day drawings in steps

If you don’t know how to draw you can learn through the drawing steps listed below;

Dads little girl hug:

  • First of all, draw two small lines in front of each other in the middle of the page.
  • Between two lines make a cure for dad’s hair.
  • Above that curve draw the hair of your dad. It depends upon the hair of your father.
  • On the opposite side of the lines which you have drawn first; make two circles.
  • Add some details of the ears by making small lines on it.
  • Now for eyes; make two opposite curves up and down.
  • Make a small circle inside the eye.
  • Similarly, make the second one.
  • Below eyes, in the Center make nose by a single but little bit curve line.
  • Join the first two lines by a semi-circle below the nose and mouthy
  • Now make an oval shape of dad’s half body.
  • Its turn for a little girl who is hugging her dad.
  • Again draw two lines for the daughter’s face.
  • Face should be above fathers face.
  • By joining two lines make hair and add two ponies in it.
  • Make two circles for ears and add small lines to complete them
  • Make two eyes as you have done before. For your dad.
  • Make nose below eyes.
  • Also, Make curve by joining two firstly drawn lines.
  • Make a neck under her face.
  • Make her body and arms.
  • One arm should be on her father’s neck from one side and the other arm should be from the other side.
  • Make a heart frame
  • Color your drawing with different colors you want.
  • For some other details add some more small heart on the father’s side.
  • You can also write a quote for your dad.
  • You can write it with different colors
  • Your card is ready.

Dad is walking with her little girl:

  • Make a square for fathers back.
  • Erase sidelines for arms.
  • Add doubled lined arms.
  • Make a collar of the shirt.
  • Add details on the shirt. You can draw random lines.
  • Make a rectangle, below the square.
  • Similarly, erase it from below
  • Draw two lines on the opposite of the rectangle to make legs
  • Make small circles for shoes.
  • Now make a hand of father free in the air.
  • Make a circle for fathers head.
  • Draw hair on it.
  • Its turn for daughter.
  • Make a rectangle and a triangle.
  • Triangle should be below the rectangle to make frock.
  • Make legs and arms similarly as you have drawn for father.
  • Make a circle for head and hair.
  • But girls’ hair should be longer than that of the father.
  • Don’t forget to make the hands of both.
  • Dada should hold her daughter’s hand.

You can make it colorful.

I hope you like this.

It wills also fun for kids as well. You can learn it and can teach it to your children.

You can also use a unique color combination. Moreover, You can also make fresh flowers on the other side of your father. You can decorate your father’s bedroom also. have fun with these best collection of images of drawings related to happy fathers day 2020.


This father’s day makes your father happy. Let him know how much you love him. Share your feelings with your father. Make this father day a remarkable day for him. I also love him as you do and make him feel that he is not only a superhero but a great friend of you.

For further details, you can visit our further posts available for you.

happy fathers day drawings 2021



happy fathers day drawings 2021 happy fathers day drawings 2021



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