happy 4th of july makeup looks 2021

Easy Happy 4th of July Makeup Looks 2021 Ideas of Red, White and Blue

It’s a time to decide the happy 4th of July 2021 makeup looks and outfits. We have a glamorous and fabulous collection of eye shadow, lipsticks, and eyeliner highlighter ideas. We know that Independence Day is approaching near on 4th of July but it is hot too hot to wear heavy makeup. We all love our dear homeland and want to celebrate its birthday or Independence Day in a different manner. Girls look incomplete without makeup.

Happy 4th of July Makeup Looks 2021

First of all, we have chosen the best collection of base and foundation for faces. This can be used for all types of skin tones.

  • Tarte Amazonian Clay full coverage foundation SPF15
  • BACKSTAGE face and boy foundation.
  • Can’t stop won’t stop foundation.
  • Vanish Seamless Finnish Foundation Stick

4th of July inspirational eye make-up

Are you guys get bored from nude or smoky eyes makeup? If yes, then you should try these July make up looks that will be bolder than any fireworks.

The patriotic cat eye

Everyone loves cat-eyed makeup. It looks very decent and gorgeous. But if you want to give this cat-eyed make up a patriotic touch then use red, white, and blue. You can use these colors in a simple way that first red, then blue, and at last use white. Your eyes make up will become more prominent and it is easy to wear in summer.happy 4th of july makeup looks 2021

American flag-inspired eyes makeup

Are you like to create a new thing and want to become different? Then take a brush and make a flag of our country by the following steps:

  1. Use white or silvery eye shadow on the base of your eyes
  2. Then take blue colored eye shadow. You can use a light or dark color theme. But I recommend you to use a dark color.
  3. Then make red or recto colored lines or make strips on the side of blue color.

Sparking and Shiny eyes makeup

If you want to add a bit of sparkle in your eyes makeup looks of happy 4th of July 2021. This type of make-up is easy but it will give you an awesome look. Your eyes will look much bigger and brighter. This is very suitable for the night parties on the Fourth of July. If you want to look fabulous this night then create a canvas of blue shade. Layer your glitter on the top to make a drizzling effect.happy 4th of july makeup looks 2021happy 4th of july makeup looks 2021

Simple starry makeup for day time parties

For this type of make-up look you just have to apply simple blue colors and then make little but shiny stars on your eyes. You can take the help of another person. This type of make-up is suitable for day time parties and gatherings.happy 4th of july makeup looks 2021

Waterproof red white and blue inspirational makeup

On the 4th of July, friends planned to go for trips to different cities or states in order to watch the patriotic explosion of loud fireworks. They spend most of the time traveling. For a day trip, they don’t like to take huge luggage. So waterproof red white and blue eyes makeup is suitable for them. You can apply three colors in two different ways. You can either mix or blend them or make three different lines of three different colors. This waterproof makeup is easily available in markets.

Patriotic lipsticks in blue and red colors

There are two ways to apply lips sticks in order to make you look like a patriot

Simple matte red and blue lips sticks

You can use red colors as a base of your lips stick and add blue color just in the center. Then blend it a little one.  You can also take the opposite colors.

The second way is to make strips of red and blue on your lips.

Shimmery red and blue lips sticks

Shinny blue and red-colored lips sticks are also available in the market. With matte red, blue or white eyes male up, simmer blue or red lips stick looks very beautiful. This is the most trending style of 2021 you can use this cosmetic and make your independence day complete.

Simple and glittery eyeliner for summary events especially for kids

If you don’t want heavy looks and are fed up by shinny and smoky make looks then you can use simple blue eyeliner with attractive red lips stick. You can also use this cosmetic on your little daughter for a patriotic look.




happy 4th of july makeup looks 2021 happy 4th of july makeup looks 2021 happy 4th of july makeup looks 2021 happy 4th of july makeup looks 2021 happy 4th of july makeup looks 2021happy 4th of july makeup looks 2021 happy 4th of july makeup looks 2021 happy 4th of july makeup looks 2021happy 4th of july makeup looks 2021 happy 4th of july makeup looks 2021

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