eid al adha 2020 france

When is Eid Al Adha France 2020 | Date & Holiday Prediction for Eid

Eid Al Adha France 2020

Celebrate this eid al Adha 2020 in France with your beloved ones, family, and friends. Go to your beloved ones’ houses and sacrifice a goat, sheep, cow, buffalo, and camel for the sake of Allah almighty. Are you guys confused about finding the exact date of ‘Eid al Adha 2020 in France? If you are, then we have a better solution to your problem. In this article, we are going to discuss the ‘Eid dates, facts and celebration. This year, ‘Eid al Adha in France will begin in the evening of Thursday, July 30. Which will ends on the evening of Monday, August 3.

When ‘Eid al Adha occurs? Which calendar if follows?

His ‘Eid occurs on the 10th of Dhu al hajjah which is the final month of the Islamic calendar.

Islam follows the lunar calendar which depends upon the visibility of the moon. The month starts when the moon is sighted. But there is only one problem. The moon can only be seen when the sky is clear. But in different areas, the timing of the moon appearance is always different. So the dates of ‘Eid al Adha vary from country to country.

Moreover, the date of ‘Eid according to the Georgian calendar varies every year.eid al adha 2020 franceeid al adha 2020 franceeid al adha 2020 franceeid al adha 2020 franceeid al adha 2020 france

How Eid al Adha is celebrated?

Muslims celebrate this event wholeheartedly. Basically they commemorate the willingness of sacrifice of Prophet Abraham’s sacrifice his son. But gods were impressed by his honesty and change the place of his son by a ram. Due to this reason, Muslims slaughter any cow, goat or camel, if they can effort. On the aid day, they first clean their self and then wear fine clothes. They gather in a mosque after they got ready. They may offer ‘Eid prayer in some wide ground or field. After that, they just slaughter their animals after offering prayer. They distribute the meat to neighbors, poor and in the needy. They distribute the meat according to Islamic rules.

We are wishing you the best ‘Eid!  ‘Eid Mubarak to my all Muslim brothers!

eid al adha 2020 france eid al adha 2020 france eid al adha 2020 france eid al adha 2020 france eid al adha 2020 france

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