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This app is a free app that allows people to learn about the IHASS program and the IMAD process. Most people do not know how to raise money for charity. To make it easier for people, this app will help them in collecting money for the Pakistani wife who deserves it.
This is a 12,000-roll gift in the event of an accident. So it makes life easier for poor families. Most people don’t know if their money is going to come or not.

One can easily find out their fictitious qualifications by CNIC number in the IXAS program. If you qualify for a quote, you will receive a message on the page stating that you are eligible. If you do not qualify for imdad, their message will be displayed on the page.
If you are a member of any Pakistani country, you can easily check the status of your application. This app gives you information about the IJAS program for AJK, as well as information about the Punjab IXAS program. There is also a Balochistan Sensation Program. You can check Gilgit Baltistan and Cayber Paktokno Ihssas program by choosing their respective territory. If you have not been registered before, you can easily process your registration. A free guide to the registration process is also available in the app.

For the whole process, a free guide is available in the app.

The purpose of this application is to provide free information on the Internet. Information source
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