Does mail run on new years day 2021
Happy New Year

Does Mail Run on New Years Day 2021 | Is Post Office Open Today

Does mail run on new years day 2021? Are the restaurants opening on New Year? Pharmacies will open in the new year or not? Are you guys searching for these questions? If yes, then you had jumped at a good place. Here, you will get authentic information about the opening/closing of stores and shops as well as the government offices like the post office and banks.

Opening/closing of post offices

The government had announced that the post offices all across the country will remain close on New Year’s Day. However, post offices will open on Thursday 31st December 2020. If you want to deliver anything, mail, or any carton to your beloved ones, then hurry up!

Many people live far away from their families and they can’t go to their native country back due to some issues. But still, these people enjoy the New Year. Now, the question arises: how? This world has become a global village. This whole is interconnected. People can wish and greet their beloved ones by sending those wishes and messages or sometimes, video calls.  What about their basic needs or luggage? People just send these things in the form of parcels. In this way, all the family members enjoy with same love, joy, and laughter, no matter, how far they live.

So, don’t be late in sending those parcels and packages (that you want to send them). We are wishing you all of the best for the New Year!

Is New Year a federal holiday?

New Year is a federal holiday. The government had announced 10 paid holidays for everyone which includes New Year’s eve on the top. The schedule of 10 holidays is given below:

  1. New year eve
  2. Christmas day
  3. Thanksgiving day
  4. Veterans day
  5. Memorial day
  6. Columbus day
  7. Independence day
  8. Martin Luther King Jr.
  9. Washington’s birthday
  10. Labor day

The government had ordered to close all the businesses, offices, and shops to remain close in these days. However, banks shops and post offices will stay open on Thursday 31st December 2021.

Few banks such as Bank of America, Chase, Capital One Bank, Santander Bank, Well Fargo, and TD Bank will stay open on the New Year.

The pharmacies will stay open from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm on Friday.

We are wishing you the New Year full of love, happiness, joy, laughter, and peace. Happy New Year 2021! Thank you for your precious time.


Does mail run on new years day 2021 Does mail run on new years day 2021 Does mail run on new years day 2021

Does mail run on new years day 2021 Does mail run on new years day 2021

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