columbus day parade 2020 near me
Columbus Day

Columbus Day Parade 2020 Near Me | Where to Watch the Parade in USA

Reach the nearest place to you after getting the knowledge of Columbus day parade 2020 near me and enjoy yourself with your family and friends. First, telling you about the Parade near me tell you about Columbus Day. Why we celebrate Columbus Day and why we dive honor to Christopher Columbus. As we all know that our America was not discovered at the start of 1400, Christopher Columbus was the one who discovered America while he was Sailing to the west by the orders of his superiors to get the gold, spices, and pearls waiting for him by the indies. While sailing to the west he discovered America he never stepped foot in North America at that time.


Who was Christopher Columbus?

Now we know that Christopher Columbus was the one who discovered America but in real life what he did before discovering America. Christopher Columbus was an Italian sailor and navigator who completed Four trips across the Atlantic Ocean and discovered a lot of new paths for the trade roots for his government. Moreover, He was one of the best sailors and the navigator of his time and the only person who took 4 trips across the Atlantic Ocean. He always loved to explore new places. He discovered a lot of places in his life while sailing.

During his various trips, he also explored many islands in 1492 like Columbus Landed of many Caribbean Islands that are also known as the Bahamas now a day and also explore Hispaniola one of the islands on which he killed a lot of people and also made some of the natives his slaves. He also explored the Central and the South American Coast All these things are the History of him but there are no hard proofs against him. But we cannot dislike the fact that he was the one who discovered America.

Columbus Day Parade 2020 Near Me

In almost every country of America people there living to arrange these parades every year on the 12th of October. People celebrate this day in the honor of Christopher Columbus that he gave them America. People make cakes and come to the streets. They wear costumes and join the parades.

Near me, the biggest parade is arranged in New York every year where millions of people come to watch the parade and thousands of people come to join the parade and to watch the firework show of the night. The Parade starts its journey from Midtown Manhattan on Fifth Avenue and keeps moving toward the East side of the city. It begins from 5th Avenue and 44th street and completes its journey at 5th avenue and 72 street. Hundreds of people join this parade from other parts of the country.

It is the beautiful scene of that day when they light up the firework. I can see that show from my house which is about 10Km far from the final destination of the parade. All the people enjoy that day with full joy and love. They pay respect to their country and Columbus.

Although there are some people who don’t enjoy Columbus Day because they say that he killed a lot of people he was involved in human trafficking. He sold the African women to his crew member to rape her. There are some more reasons but there are no solid proofs against him that’s why most of the people celebrate Columbus Day and take part in the Columbus Day parade.

Happy Columbus Day

columbus day parade 2020 near me columbus day parade 2020 near me columbus day parade 2020 near me

columbus day parade 2020 near me columbus day parade 2020 near me columbus day parade 2020 near me

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