Caller ID & Speaker

Caller ID & Megaphone is the most powerful, fastest and easy caller ID. Detects scammers, calls, phones, scams, sales and more. The app’s high-quality caller ID helps you to avoid unknown calls (even if the number is not in your contact list) and unwanted calls.

★ Easy to use.
Tell who’s calling.
Identify unknown calls.
Detailed call summary after each call.

Caller ID speaker or Caller ID calls or Caller ID speaker
The caller’s announcer announces the name of the caller to your number.
Caller ID notifier says everything when someone calls or textes you և you will recognize them without even seeing your smartphone.

The caller’s name is clearly pronounced between the calls, which reduces his voice.

Caller Name և SMS Notifier The name of the incoming caller և SMS notifier, which helps to identify the call without even seeing your cell phone. Moreover, reading and talking about the content of your message will help you և you will never miss a message և you will open your eyes.
Caller Name Talker offers a powerful yet highly customizable feature to meet all your needs. All of the advanced features below are free for you.

The speaker of the call announces.
– Tell the caller if he / she is in touch.
– Caller ID if name is not in contacts.
– Notification of the sender of the message
– Read and speak content messages

• One-click on speakerphone name to turn off / activate զանգ SMS notification function.
• Caller Name Talker pronounces the caller’s name from the contact և Plays the caller ID sound on your existing call.
• Activate / deactivate caller name or number
• Activate / deactivate the name or number of the SMS sender
• Enable / disable SMS content
• The number speaks if the caller’s name is not in the contacts list.
• When receiving an SMS, state the name of the SMS sender.

Caller Name Notifier uses the built-in text engine of Android to express the caller or SMS sender ID. If your mobile phone does not have a pre-installed text transfer engine, please go to Google Play to download the engine application.


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