74th independence day pakistan 2020

74th Independence Day Pakistan 2020 Celebration & Importance of History

74th Independence Day Pakistan 2020, which is annually celebrated on August 14th to commemorates and honor the achievement of an independent and sovereign state and got freedom from the cruel British rule. The creation of Pakistan is based upon the ideology of Islam and the two-nation theory (given by Sir Syed Ahmad khan). After a long struggle and tireless work of great personalities, Pakistan emerges on the map of the world as a separate and independent country.

This day is celebrated to honor and tribute to our great personalities and leaders. Who had sacrificed their lives for freedom?  This is the occasion to promote patriotism, national unity, and discipline.

British and some of the Hindu leaders don’t want the partition of the subcontinent. So they don’t give an equal share of things such as: factories, industries, army, money and offices to Pakistan. Moreover, India also attacked Pakistan several times but our brave army lick the dust to Indians. And Pakistan remained as a separate and now we are celebrating our 73rd independence day.

Celebration of 74th Independence Day Pakistan 2020

14 August is a national holiday in Pakistan. All the markets, offices, businesses, schools, and colleges will remain close on 14th August. This day is celebrated all over Pakistan with enthusiasm and patriotism.

National parades in Islamabad

People of Pakistan celebrate Independence Day with zeal and zest. It is celebrated all across Pakistan. In Islamabad, a big ceremony is held on every 14th august. It starts at 10:00 am. This parade event held under the chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee who has the highest-ranking and senior-most military officer of the unit, near the landmark Shakar Parian hills. Moreover, the chief of the air staff, chief of naval staff, DG strategic plans division, Pakistan rangers, and commander of military command leads this parade.

The Pakistan army, Pakistan air force, Pakistan navy as well as Pakistan rangers perform parades and solute the sons of the soil and the current president of Pakistan.

This historic event is then celebrated by the different fighter planes of Pakistan. They do different stunts and release different colors in the air. All this celebration is cast by media live.in addition to this; cute small children perform different provincial dances, in order to represent their culture.

Love for the country will increase in the heart of every Pakistani.

Happy Independence Day!

Wagah border flag-lowering Ceremony on 74th independence day Pakistan 2020

This ceremony is held on every day before sunset at the Wagah border Lahore. This is also known as the “Beating Retreat Ceremony. It is started in 1959. In this ceremony, the flags are take-off before night and the soldiers and rangers of Pakistan and India take-off the flag and fold it with great respect and honor. The raising of one leg as high as possible is the interesting part of this occasion. This is known as “goose march”. This ceremony held every day before the sunset but on 14 august this ceremony starts at 5:15 pm in summer and 4:45 pm in winter.

Cultural programs and dance on national songs are also organized there. The national anthem is also played there. Moreover, you can also hear patriotic slogans there. The environment is filled with patriotism and enthusiasm. Small Pakistani flags can also be seen everywhere. Teenagers, adults, old men and women, children, and kids can go to Lahore and can see the flag-lowering ceremony.

Street celebration

Local people don’t stand still and quiet. Hey, celebrate this day wholeheartedly. You can see the national flag on almost every house. They decorate their houses with flags and small pallets. The boys of street gathered and hold national flags and March on the roads. They also play national songs in their vans and trolleys in loud voice.

Moreover, they painted their face with green and white colors. They also decorate their cars as well. In school students deliver speeches on Pakistan history, 74th Pakistan Independence Day 2020, and 14 august 2020. you can also take part in this celebration and can enjoy the 14 august nights as well.

Celebrate this 14 august with great pomp and patriotism. You can take some ideas from our further websites and articles.14 august images, photos and pictures, independence day dp for Facebook girls, 14 august dp 2020, and 14 august essays in English and Urdu. You can download the images from our posts and can wish your near and dear ones.

Happy Independence Day to all Pakistanis!


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