14 August DP 2020

Download Free 14 August DP 2020 for Whatsapp and Facebook Status

Make your independence day stylish and glamorous with 14 august DP 2020. If are finding some DP for facebook or cover photos for Facebook at the event of 14 August, then you are at a good place.  the word DP means” display photos”.  This photo is shown to another person on social media.

Now- a -days, our new generation seems busy on social media and it had become a part of their lives. People are in touch with each other through different communication devices or social media devices such as laptops, smartphones, iPhones, and much more. They use twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, integral and Skype, and have fun with each other.

Some of the best, awesome and beautiful cover DPS and cover photos are available here. We have categorized the Facebook DP in various groups according to your choice.

 14 august Cool and rocking DPS for boys

DP is the photo that displays your character and personality to another person. 14 august is the independence day of Pakistan and every single person living in our country use to celebrate this day with cheer and joy. So people change their DP with a flag or green and white background theme.

Here some photos are given below for boys, as they love cool, decent, and rocking images. We also keep in mind the event of 14 august while selecting these images.

A list of images is given below:

  • Boys name DP for 14 august
  • Green and white flag photos
  • Attitude DP for boys
  • Pakistan flag photos
  • Flag photos with images of provinces.

14 August DP 202014 August DP 202014 august dp 202014 August DP 202014 August DP 2020

14 August DP with Name 2020

People want to cover photos and DP of their own name. Some of the common and unique named photos are available here. These photos are of the best quality. You can choose your own background either white or green. The background of these images is not very massive.

If you can’t find your name image then don’t worry. You can install a DP maker application on your cell phone. The best way is to make your own photos. You can also use different photo frames of green and white colors.14 august dp 202014 August DP 2020

14 august animated DPS and cover photos

Teenagers usually like animated and cute photos as DP. We have gathered some beautiful images for Facebook cover photos. You can choose the images of your favorite cartoon character.

Both girls and boys cartoon characters are available. These characters are holding the Pakistani flag firmly and showing their love. You can download these images and use them as DP on Facebook or Whatsapp also.

Independence Day DP for girls

Cute, adorable, and beautiful DP photos are available here on this page. Heart photos of flags are the most popular ones. Girls like to wear green and white clothes on the occasion of 14 august. You can also wear these types of clothes. Also, make a flag on your face with paint. And after then upload your image as Facebook DP.

If you don’t feel comfortable using your own photos then you can download the images from the following categories.


  • Heart flag images
  • Face painting of flag image
  • Green and white outfits images
  • 14 august mug and books photos
  • Cute animated photos of 14 august

Hope you like our article and you can visit our further websites.

Happy Independence Day to all of you!  May our country progress by leaps and bound.


14 august dp 202014 august dp 2020 14 august dp 2020 14 august dp 202014 august dp 2020 14 august dp 2020 14 august dp 2020 14 august dp 2020 14 August DP 2020 14 August DP 2020 14 August DP 2020 14 August DP 202014 August DP 2020 14 August DP 2020

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